MJ Bread & Wildflower Bread Company Have Partnered Up!

About 22 years ago I met a great friend, Louis Basile. and I helped him open his bakery,

 Wildflower Bread Company. 

After about 6 years I branched out on my own and started MJ Bread.

 For about 16 years, I've had the greatest time with MJB,

And  I wouldn't change a thing!

Through out the years Louis and I have always  helped each other out in different ways.  But I started thinking, what if we joined up again, partnered, combined our strongest attributes? 

So we sat down, came up with a game plan, and now we are putting it into play.

So get ready.... Here we come!  

About MJ Bread

Our Thoughts

"Bread is the most important item on the table, not only can it be an utensil, but it is also used as a base for other items. After all it's the first thing to arrive and the last thing to be removed from the table. Bread sets the stage and the entire meal revolves around it."       

  - Chef Michael Coe cmb

 There are few things more satisfying in life than a good loaf of bread. The fine craft of making bread is as organic as making wine or cheese. 

Like fine wine and cheese, artisan bread starts with fermentation.

When the ingredients are mixed and combine with the natural yeasts, the dough becomes alive and continues to develop complex flavors and texture as it ages.

Our bread may differ from day to day and loaf to loaf with variations in shape, color and texture due to the human touch and the bread’s organic nature.   Each loaf is scale and formed by hand, assessed by eye, and subject to the baker’s judgment every step of the way.

Our  bread has no preservatives, stabilizers, or dough conditioners so we recommend that you eat a loaf as soon as possible after buying. We use the finest ingredients for our bread –unbleached & unbromated flour, water, sea salt, natural leavenings and plenty of time.  

We pride ourselves through our bread and relationships we have with our clients. By offering custom tailored breads, our streamline ordering system, and an open door policy for clients to visit our bakery and stage for a day, allows you to understand the process that it takes to produce fine bread. 

Consulting & Help

Running a bakery / bread operation is difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools. Get expert advice, and hands on training from Master Baker Michael John Coe.

 Michael has successfully consulted for many Restaurant Groups, Small Independent Bakeries and many notable Pizzerias. 

From troubleshooting and streamlining production issues, training staff or refreshing their skills, to reverse engineering and formulation of new products and menu items. 

With vast knowledge, and a proven track record, let Michael help you out and get your business back on point. 

For Scheduling availability and rates, please contact us directly.



About Michael.....


Michael began his career as a chef with culinary training in Classical French & Italian cuisine from Johnson & Wales. By the age of twenty, he was running his first restaurant and was featured in the New York Times Food Section at twenty-six.     

Michael works in all facets of a kitchen - culinary, baking, and pastry.   He has won countless awards for baking and other professional accolades from his peers.   At the age of thirty-two, Michael became the youngest baker in the US to receive the title Master Baker.

Michael’s career has taken him to kitchens all over the country from New York to Palm Springs, Naples, Miami, Jackson Hole, Chicago and Scottsdale.   

In 2002, Michael started MJ Bread in Phoenix. With this bakery, he creates custom breads for restaurants throughout the Phoenix area.

In addition to his kitchen career, Michael consults with start-up bakery operations and major restaurant groups across the United States.  In addition, he has worked with David Rosengarten for The Food Network to reverse engineer breads and pastries, develop formulas for kitchens, and create recipes for cook books.

Michael also teaches baking classes, seminars, and workshops to both professionals and aspiring cooks & bakers.

I have a strong work ethic and always have an open door policy for peers and fellow chefs to come to me to brainstorm, network, create, learn new skills, or spend time with me staging for the day.


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Aaron @ St.Francis & Phoenix Public Market

"I met MJ more than 12 years ago and have been purchasing his bread ever since. MJ Bread is by far the highest quality bread baked in Arizona. MJ has always delivered exceptional product to our restaurants and been a pleasure to work with over the years."

Lauren @ Upwards, Postinos, Windsor, & Federal Pizza

“MJ and his team have been incredible partners to us over many years and have been an integral part to the success of our brand.” “They are reliable, innovative and consistent which are cornerstones to differentiating ourselves from others.” 

Rich Melman / Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise (LEYE)

" MJ is an extremely talented baker, one of the best in the country!   Look, when it comes to Breads & Pastries, he certainly knows what he is doing.  MJ has been and will continue to be an intricate part with his consulting for us." 

David Rosengarten / Food Network, Restaurant Critic, Journalist, Author.

"Such Wonderful and Amazing Talent.... Love the Bread and appreciate your work."

David Gahan / Musican


Beau MacMillan / Food Network, Exec Chef Sanctuary Resort & Spa

" MJ makes the Best Artisan Bread in the country!"

Saturday "Backdoor" Pricing

What is Backdoor Pricing???

We get alot of phone calls inquiring where do we retail our breads, unfortunately we do not have a retail location to sell to the public.

So we came up with an idea to open our doors on Saturdays from 8am - 12pm at our production bakery

this will also give you the opportunity if you place and order by 12pm on Friday to come by and pick it up. 

Some important information here......

Our pricing on the website is for wholesale clients, 

but retail pricing is available with applicable sales tax.

Call for or email for details.

Contact Us

We are a wholesale only Artisan Bread Bakery catering to local chefs and restaurants. 

If you are interested setting up an account or offering our bread at a retail level, please contact us directly.

MJ Bread

3319 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85017

(602) 334-8964

Office Hours

Monday through Friday        8:00 am until 4:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday                7:00 am until 3:00 pm

We deliver 7 days a week

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